College Rommates Tips & Tricks

4 Tips To Getting To Know Your New College Roomie

When it comes to the first year in college, the most frightening thing is the roommate. The tricky thing is the fact that you will be forced to share a tiny space with a complete stranger. Hence, you will ask yourself several things like `what items will we share?` or `what if our preferences do not match?`. So, in order to avoid awkward situations, you can use one of the following tips. There are some useful ideas that will help you in getting more familiar with your roommate. Do not worry! After a couple of weeks you will feel like you’ve known your roommate since you were kids.

Students Moving In
Coordinate Move In

First things first: during summer, almost all colleges release the list of roommates. Check it out and search for your future colleague on Facebook. You will get the chance to know each other before living together. You can set up a meeting to talk about who will bring the fridge, the TV or the microwave. Nowadays, is so easy to meet someone!

Call each other. Don’t be shy! It is a lot easier to talk to someone at the phone. Exchange opinions and interests. Also, it is a great opportunity to split up the list with college supplies. Each of you should buy different things in order to keep the room less cramped. So, consult your lists and make a bigger one. After that, assign different tasks to each other. It will make things less stressful.

Hence, in the move-in day you should try to be as friendly as possible. It is true that it will be hard and tiresome, but an optimistic approach can work wonders. Being friendly will make people prone to approach and befriend you. Do not come in stressed and irritated. It is bad for you and your further relationships on the campus. I know that everything will turn out to be a disaster, but the moving day will fly out in a second. Your roommate will appreciate your positive thinking and will strengthen the bond between you. It is always nice to have someone funny close-by.

College Roommates Talking
Ask Fun Questions

Ask as many questions as you want. In this way you will learn a lot of things about your new roommate. After asking general question you can jump into funny and personal ones. In this way you will both feel comfortable with each other. Ask about high school, majors, books, music, food or whatever pops up in your head.

Talk about how to organize your room. You don’t have to be best friends from the beginning, but you definitely need order. So, listen to each other and make a choice that suits both your needs. Consider how you will place the furniture or what decorations to place on your walls. Helping each other will be a treasure for your future relationship. This will break the ice and you will feel more comfortable to each other.

Lastly, it is best to wander around the campus with your roommate. You will get accustomed with the layout and you can both find new friends. Check-out what fun stuff you can do! These tips are meant to guide you through your accommodation process, but you can adapt them so they can suit your personality. For your first day on campus, you should put on an optimistic attitude. This will make you look friendly and meet people a lot easier. Breaking the ice with your roommate is easy if you keep an open mind. Also, communication is key. Tell him or her what you like and what you don`t. Take into account what he or she doesn`t like. This will help you both in creating a beautiful relationship.


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  1. I don’t know if I could do roommates because it all seems so intimidating. These however are some excellent tips. Sitting down and just having a really fun talk can break through the ice right away rather than remaining awkward and never knowing what to say.