Website Update - User Profiles

Website Update – User Profiles & Connected Colleges

Check out the latest update to CollegeOwlz, we’ve added new functionality for finding users and their content. We’ve also added the ability for students to choose their own Connected Colleges.


To access a user profile all you have to do is click on the username whether it be after searching for a specific user or finding one on the All Posts, E-Notes section, or Books section. Once you’ve clicked on the username you will then be redirected to that user’s personal page where it will list that specific users posted content such as notes, books, and eventually events.

New Update - User Profiles
User Profiles


Currently Connected Colleges are based on the location of your school and the ones around your campus. To create your own Connected Colleges you will first need to go to “My Account” which is located at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

My Account
Click on “My Account”

Find the section labeled “Connected Colleges” and click in the open text editor. This is where you will will select the schools that you would like to appear in your connected colleges feed.

Connected Colleges
Connected Colleges

Once you begin typing the name of the college / university all of the available options will begin to auto populate.

Connected Colleges
Choosing Connected Colleges

Click on all schools you wish to have connected and then hit “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Connected Colleges
Connected Colleges


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