How to Buy & Sell Textbooks

How To Buy & Sell Textbooks on CollegeOwlz

This guide provides users insight into how the CollegeOwlz books section works. Using CollegeOwlz to purchase textbooks or sell textbooks makes it convenient and more cost effective for students. Our peer to peer system allows students to trade locally and to find better deals versus dealing with bookstores.

Use these anchor points to find a specific topic you need help on:
How To Sell A Book
How To Search For Books
Contacting Sellers
How To Manage Book Posts

All Posts. Filters. And Connected Colleges:

After you’ve logged into your CollegeOwlz account you’ll land on the All Posts Feed where you will have the ability to filter by lecture notes, book notes, study guides, and books for sale. To view just textbooks you will click on “Books For Sale” this will show you all textbooks for sale at your college and connected colleges.


To sort posts by “Your College” or “Connected Colleges” you can simply move the toggle switch located near the top right of the page from left to right. The connected colleges will not only show posts from your school but posts from students located at campuses in your local region.


To buy a book, sell a book, or view textbooks posted by yourself you will first need to click on the “Books” section located on the left hand side of the page under E-Notes.



To post a book for sale you will first click on the filter “Sell a Book.”


Once redirected to the “Sell a Book” page you will then have to decide if you wish to manually enter all the fields to post your textbook or if you wish to search for the book on Amazon which will auto-populate most of the required fields to post your book.

As you begin to type either the ISBN or book title a drop down list of suggestions that are compiled from Amazon will begin to appear. You will then select the correct book title of the textbook you are wishing to post. Once you’ve made your choice Amazon will auto-populate most of the required fields that are needed to post your book.


If you so choose to enter your book posting in manually the following fields will appear. Make sure to fill out all of the required fields and that they are accurate. You can also upload an image of your textbooks which will help in the resale of your book.


After all of the fields have been filled out you can either “save for later” which allows you to submit your book for sale at a later time or you can “Post” which will submit your book for sale on CollegeOwlz.


A confirmation page will appear which simple let’s you know that your book has been posted.


If you use Amazon to help fill in your required fields you will notice that at the bottom of the page you will have the option to “Sell on Amazon.” If you are needing cash quickly you can opt to sell your textbook to Amazon.



To search for a textbook you can use one of the two search bars provided, as seen below. Make sure that you are on the filter “Buy Books” if you are not using the top search bar.


Once you’ve entered a search the results will show items both from CollegeOwlz as well as from Amazon.



To contact a student about purchasing their textbook you will click on “Contact Seller”.


This will open a pop up window for you to contact the seller. You will need to fill out your email and will need to write a brief message. Then click the blue “Send” button which will send them an email.

A “Thank You” pop up window will appear click return which will bring you back to the All Posts page.


To view all of your posted books and drafted book postings you will need to make sure that you are first on the “Books” section located on the left navigation bar then filter to “My Books.”


From here you can manage your posted books and drafts. You will have options to remove, view, and edit your book postings.



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  1. I agree with Alex, this looks straightforward and I’ll be sure to use this at the end of the semester! I love that you have this feature on CollegeOwlz so that I can easily sell my textbooks.