How To Avoid The Freshman 15

How To Avoid The “Freshman 15”

Leaving for college in the fall is always an exciting experience, but your first year can be a little daunting if you’re not prepared. One common fear among college freshman is the possibility of gaining what many refer to as the “Freshman 15”. If you’re heading off to college soon, there’s no need to worry! Check out these simple tips that can help you stay fit in order to avoid packing on extra pounds during your first year of college.

Take it easy on the booze
Take It Easy On The Booze

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the major contributing factors to young college students gaining the “Freshman 15”, which is why you should take it easy on the booze if you decide to drink when you attend those crazy college parties.

A study conducted by YouGov found that out of 2,042 members, those that overdid it on the drinking ate an average of 6,300 extra calories in the following 24 hours.


Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

Also, be sure that you are replenishing your body each day by drinking lots of H2O. Properly hydrating won’t only help you feel full so you don’t overeat, it also flushes harmful toxins out of the body that usually cause you to feel sluggish and unmotivated.

According to most nutritionists, on average, men should consume 128 ounces of water daily, and women should consume 88 ounces. These numbers can fluctuate depending on body type and physical activities.


Ditch the Soda
Ditch the Soda

Many college students tend to over stimulate themselves with caffeine, which is another reason why many students gain weight their first year of college. If you really want to look and feel your absolute best, you should definitely consider ditching those sugary sodas all together.

Danielle Capalino, a New York City based registered dietitian says, “…There are about 16 teaspoons of sugar in a 20-ounce drink. Drinking soda is drinking empty calories. It is sugar with no nutrients – no protein, no fiber, no vitamins.”


Stock up on Healthy Snacks
Stock up on Healthy Snacks

We all know that it’s easy to pick up something from a fast food joint when you’re in a hurry to get to your next class or appointment. Instead of munching on unhealthy foods while on the go, stock your apartment or dorm with lots of healthy snacks that you can easily throw in your bag as you walk out the door such as fresh fruit, trail mix and granola bars.



Join A Sport or Active Club
Join A Sport or Active Club

It’s extremely important to stay active to keep your mind and body healthy, so why not join a sport or one of the active clubs that are offered by your college. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a hiking crew or recreational sports club that you join as long as you’re being active on a regular basis.

Find a local yoga studio, learn to snowboard this winter, or start a morning jog routine with friends. There are hundreds of ways to stay physically active.


Get Plenty of Sleep
Get Plenty of Sleep

Another crucial aspect of staying in shape is getting enough rest each night. Since your mind and body are constantly working as you hop from class to class, it’s quite possible for you to become exhausted by the end of the day. Don’t try to force yourself to stay up and make sure you get to bed at a decent time each night to avoid feeling tireless, which can lead to added weight gain.


As you can see, it’s not that difficult at all to avoid gaining the “Freshman 15” your first year of college if you’re prepared. Use these tips and suggestions to help you prevent this unhealthy weight gain and pass them on to your new college buddies too! It always helps when you and your friends are on the same page when it comes to health and fitness.


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  1. The thing about the freshman 15 is that it’s more a function of people being on their own for the first time. I’d add to the list that you should consider making your own meals as it forces you to eat healthier. Secondly, I’d consider drinking liquor instead of beer if you can. This sounds counter intuitive but it’s less calories to get the same level of drunk and you aren’t consuming hops which can make you fat.

  2. If only I had read this in my freshman year, things would have been easier! But for those people who are gonna join this fall, best of luck! These tips are sure gonna help you a lot 😀

  3. I wish I read this when I was a freshman in college! This would’ve saved me a lot of grief about gaining weight during freshman year. This is also a great guide for any person to live a healthy life.

  4. Too bad I’ve graduated and gained weight before I read this. I realized I should have lead a healthy life too late, still hoping I can go back to the shape I was at before my freshman year 😉 These tips are certainly on point, especially the one about getting enough sleep and drinking more water, because this stuff is always overlooked, not only by the students but by every person. Body hydration is important and impacts your digestion = helps lose weight. And sleeping keeps your mind and mood in a good state. I’d also add a tip about eating different things everyday, to make sure your body has everything it needs.

  5. I think sleep is definitely the biggest thing college students need to work on. Lack of sleep not only leads to being less active (who wants to work out when they’re tired?), but also affects the hormones ghrelin and leptin which control appetite, ie. you feel more hungry and likely end up eating more than you normally would.

    tl;dr – Get your sleep, it’s important!

  6. Take it easy on the booze is great advice! That was my downfall in college–we have such a terrible “drinking culture” in college and the way college kids drink is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to your body!