3 Traits To Become A Successful Student And Stress Less

Chances are, if you’re in college, you want to do well. Everyone knows that college is expensive. Most students have made the decision to go to college even though that attendance will mean the accumulation of high-interest debt. A smart person will not take on such a burden only to squander it away not passing classes. College is the time to learn all the skills you will need to find success throughout your life. These skills are not just the ones your classes are concerned with, but they are also the skills that you apply in taking these classes. What this means is that it’s not only what you learn in your college classes, but how you take these classes.

The truth is, it doesn’t just require a smart brain to do well in college. It requires dedication, organization, and great time-management skills. These three facets of collegial success will pay off, not while you’re pursuing a degree, but for the rest of your entire life. These three traits are the traits nearly every successful person has spent time honing. If you develop these traits within yourself, you will do well in school, and you will be less stressed overall. You’ll have a plan. You’ll be prepared.

3 Traits To Become A Successful Student And Stress Less

First and foremost, the number one way to do well at college is to pay attention to your level of dedication. Your intelligence and knowledge will help you earn the A’s, but it is your dedication that is the fuel to your engine. Dedication is the thing that keeps you focused and moving forward. Dedication is the thing that helps you finish a project when all you want to do is take a nap. Dedication is the thing that helps you make the choice between going out or studying.

Sometimes, unfortunately, dedication is not consistent. One day you’re set on making sure that your studies are your number one priority, but later that night with a party invitation sitting in your email, you’re feeling a little less motivated. Sometimes you have to chase dedication down, grab it by the tail, and force it to stay with you.

One way to remain dedicated is to write a quick reminder on why you’re here at college. Put a post-it note in a place you see everyday with this message. This daily reminder will keep you focused on what matters long-term, not short-term.

Okay, organization is a really boring word. It calls to mind housewives who have meticulously sorted their junk drawers. It calls to mind anal-retentiveness. But, the truth is that organization will play a huge role in your success in college and beyond. Organization basically means having it together. Organization means being well informed and having a plan for the future. Staying organized will mean that no assignment, no test, no paper will creep up on you.
Organization is a trial and error process and everyone’s technique looks different. The best thing you can do to get organized is keep a planner. Each morning, consult your planner and look into the future. Make sure every assignment, test, etc. is added to your planner. You will be able to make better decisions because you will know the layout of your upcoming week.

Time Management:
Time management is the final trait to your success. Time management is the one trait that will set you apart from your peers. Being able to manage your time well will also help you balance work and fun, so you never feel like you’re missing out. Time management simply means that your most valuable asset—your time—will not be wasted. Poor time management happens when people procrastinate, putz around, and when they do not utilize the best times of the day to get work done.

If you want to improve your time management skills, consult your planner from the section above, make a list of the tasks you need to complete, when you need to complete them by, and how long each one will take. Now, think about the time you have to do these things. Ask yourself when the best time to complete each task would be. Ask yourself in what order should you do the tasks. By thinking about your time purposefully, you are managing your time. Instead of scrambling or wasting your time, you are taking charge. This skill will be invaluable to you in college and beyond.


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  1. YES, organization, dedication and time management are essential skills for a college student to possess. They might not sound like fun, but developing them will see you go much farther than you thought possible.

  2. Sensational points. These kinds of skills will help you the rest of your life and may be more important than whatever you are learning. I’d argue it’s also important to develop a sense of discipline and positive routine.

  3. Great tips for being a successful college student. Most of the stress in college comes from not being organized and managing your time, so if you do those things along with the dedication you’ll be set!

  4. I have to organize things or else I get so stressed out I can’t handle it.. I feel like I am losing control if I am not organized. These are good tips.

  5. I completely agree, if you fail to plan than you plan to fail. Time management is a really big part of collegiate success, especially when you’re trying to balance other on campus obligations with a social life and classes. It’s been the one thing that I say really creates the most growth and determines how much stress you will feel come crunch time. Thank you for sharing this.

    The only thing I would add is that meditation and yoga really help and there are some great videos online for free that help guide you through it if you’re not familiar. Sometimes taking 20 minutes to clear your mind can be all that’s needed to get back that determined demeanor.

  6. I totally agree with everything written here. I feel like dedication is the most important factor because once dedicated, nothing will stop you. Also, dedication motivates you to study better aka. organize your time and your stuff. These are especially vital when you’re also doing a part-time job and want to have both good grades and a social life. Thanks to these three factors, you can lead a somewhat a balanced life.

  7. My tip would be to not procrastinate. I’m pretty sure almost every college student is guilty of procrastinating, but if you can somehow overcome it (which is easier said than done, I know) you’ll find you have a lot less stress.

    That big paper that’s due in two months weighs on your mind every day… why not just knock it out so you don’t have to keep constantly worrying about it? You’ll have to do it eventually anyway.

  8. Keeping your studies your number one priority is a must while you are at college. It is so easy to get distracted and overly involved in non-academic things when you are in college, but try to never forget that the reason you are there is to study, improve your mind, learn new skills, and get a degree.