How To Add Funds And Cash Out Using Paypal

How To Add Funds And Cash Out Using Paypal

UPDATE 02/06/16:
CollegeOwlz no longer uses Paypal to payout seller accounts. We’re now integrated with Stripe. Visit for more details on their services.


How To Add Funds & Cash Out Via Paypal

CollegeOwlz utilizes PayPal systems for all transactions like depositing money into your account and cashing out on notes sold. By integrating PayPal the process of buying and selling through CollegeOwlz is quick, easy, and secure. In order to help we have outlined the steps along with providing screenshots to show how to add funds to your CollegeOwlz account along with how to cash out on your earnings.

Click here to learn to Cash Out.

Adding Funds To CollegeOwlz via Paypal

Step 1:
Locate & click on “Account” at the bottom of the navigation menu on the left hand side of your computer screen.

Click My Account
Go To “Account”

Step 2:
A drop down menu will appear below “Account” and you will then choose “Account History”.

Click My Account History
Go To “Account History”

Step 3:
To deposit money into your account you will need to click on the orange button, “Add Funds”.

Click Add Funds
Go To “Add Funds”

Step 4:
Once redirected to the Payment Info page you will fill out the required fields starting with “Other” where you will enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your CollegeOwlz account. Fill out all of the text fields and make sure to verify that you have entered your PayPal Email Address.

Click and Enter A Deposit Amount
Enter A Deposit Amount

Note: In order to deposit funds into your CollegeOwlz account you will need to ensure that you have the matching funds in your PayPal account or that your bank account is linked with your PayPal.

Paypal Balance
Check Paypal Balance Before Deposit

Step 5:
After all of the fields have been entered click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen which will direct you to a PayPal screen.

Click Submit
Click Submit

Step 6:
Once you have been redirected to the PayPal login screen enter your PayPal password to login to your account.

Enter Paypal Information
Login To Paypal

Step 7:
Verify the dollar amount on the left hand side then select your payment method, whether is be directly out of a bank account, from a debt/credit card, or from your PayPal balance. Then select the orange “Pay” button to transfer funds into your CollegeOwlz account.

Confirm Paypal Payment
Verify Paypal Amount

Step 8:
PayPal will confirm that your payment has been sent and that the transaction is complete. After which you will click the orange “Return” button which will redirect you back into your CollegeOwlz account.

Return to CollegeOwlz
Click “Return” to CollegeOwlz

Step 9:
After returning to the CollegeOwlz Payment Info page you should see an orange bar across the top of your screen that reads “Your credits have been added to your account.” Also you will see that the funds have been added to the top right hand dollar amount that appears after your name.

Paypal Transaction Complete, Funds Added To CollegeOwlz
Adding Funds Complete

The Making Money Part…

Cash Out:
To withdraw money out of your CollegeOwlz account you need to be on the “Account History” page under the “Account” section located on the left hand side of your window. Once on Account History you will then click on the blue “Cash Out” button.

Click Cash Out
Click “Cash Out”

Cash Out Step 2:
To confirm your cash out you will select the blue “Yes” submitting your request to transfer all of your CollegeOwlz dollars to your PayPal account which will be processed in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Accept The Cash Out
Accept The Cash Out


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