CollegeOwlz - Galaxy Tab 4 Giveaway

CollegeOwlz Contest: Sell Notes To Win A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Want a chance at winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4? Join CollegeOwlz and become theĀ top E-note seller by the end of December and the shiny new tablet is yours.

Update: Winner Announced

We’ve announced the winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as a result of having the most E-note sales on CollegeOwlz, August 28th – December 31st.

Winner: Kate M. from Eastern Washington University with 42 E-Notes sold (~$100 Payout)

During the contest timeline, users posted a total of 309 E-Notes (Lecture Notes, Book Notes, Study Guides) with 187 notes sold.

Winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
Kate from EWU

There are just a few quick rules to get started.

How To Enter:
Sign up and create your FREE CollegeOwlz account.
– Post any type of class notes (lecture notes, book notes, or study guides) for sale.
– Share with friends & classmates that you have notes for sale on CollegeOwlz.
BONUS: The notes you sell become extra cash in your pocket
– Lastly become the top note-seller by the contest end date and win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

*Contest begins August 28th and ends December 31st, winner will be announced January 4th*

Students can directly type or easily upload documents such as lecture notes, book notes, and study guides onto the live E-Notes section of CollegeOwlz. For every note sold the seller will earn seventy percent of the note cost. CollegeOwlz utilizes an easy to use PayPal integrated system that makes depositing money and cashing out on your sold notes secure and quick.


::: Start Selling Now & Sign Up Today :::



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    1. Sign-up and start posting your notes from class. Once you get some content on CollegeOwlz, start telling people they can purchase extra study materials from you using this site.

      Top seller wins the tablet!

  1. Oh wow! I have never heard of this site! I have a ton of notes that I could try selling. Not to mention, winning the Galaxy Tab would be amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh nice, this is a great idea for if you ever miss class and need to buy notes or if you take great notes and want to make some extra cash. Galaxy Tab sounds amazing.