CollegeOwlz: Back To School

As summer is drawing to an end and students are heading back to school the struggle becomes all too real. The transition alone going back to school is stressful and students can use all the help they can get, this is where CollegeOwlz comes into play. CollegeOwlz is there to help ease students back into school by providing them with three major services: notes, books, and events.

College Owlz - Notes & Textbooks


Whether you missed class, need a little help studying, or want to make some extra cash CollegeOwlz is there to help. With our live E-Notes section students can get access to study guides, book notes, and lecture notes from all major devices so they can study on the go. Students can easily search for class notes by course, subject, and notes sold by a specific user. Prior to making a final purchase students are able to preview a small section of the note and read reviews left by other students.

With live E-notes students can directly type their lecture notes, book notes, and study guides onto CollegeOwlz to save as drafts or immediately post for sale. For every note sold the seller will earn seventy percent of the note cost. Here are suggested costs for each type of note:

Lecture Note – $3.00
Book Note – $5.00
Study Guide – $10.00
Flashcards – “Coming Soon”

CollegeOwlz utilizes Stripe as it’s payment gateway. It’s safe, secure, and allows students to receive money automatically after a note is sold. Stripe also allows buyers to use any major debit/credit card as well as Bitcoin.


Buying & Selling textbooks has now been made easier with CollegeOwlz. We provide students the ability to make more $$$ on book buy backs as well as giving other students the opportunity to save money. We compare textbook prices between student sellers along with one of the largest and most trustworthy online textbook retailers, Amazon.

Buying Books:
Buying textbooks has now been made cheaper! Students simply input the textbook ISBN # which then compiles all associated books on CollegeOwlz & Amazon allowing students to find the best deal for their textbooks. Students can use our “Buy Now” feature through Amazon where they can purchase their textbooks and have the books shipped or they can purchase their textbooks from another student. When buying a book on CollegeOwlz the student will contact the seller to set up a time and place to meet one another to exchange the book.

Selling Books:
To sell a book, students can either list their textbooks for sale on CollegeOwlz for FREE which posts their book in a localized feed, or they can sell their textbooks using our “Sell Now” feature through Amazon. To post a textbook students will enter the ISBN # which will pull data for that specific book from Amazon, auto populating some of the required fields to post a book such as book description, book title, and ISBN. Students just have to decide whether to use the “Sell Now” feature or to post their book for sale on CollegeOwlz.

Become a CollegeOwl. The wise way to stay ahead in college.


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    1. Yeah, we built this service to benefit college students. College is so expensive now days and students need to save every penny they can.

      We need students to help in getting the word out. We just recently launched and are starting to hit colleges in the Pacific Northwest this Fall quarter / semester.

  1. I spent so much money on things like notebooks and books in college! This sounds like a great system to help students save money. Wish this was around when I was in college!