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At CollegeOwlz, we try to eliminate that sharp pain you get in your gut when buying textbooks. You’re not going to need them next semester, and your peers don’t need them this semester. We just want to introduce you to each other, and help everyone save a little money!

Missed a class? Don’t miss the notes.

  • Find lecture notes, book notes, study guides
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Whether you have work, sports, clubs, or just can’t figure out where your shoes went last night; we all miss a class once in a while. Let CollegeOwlz connect you with your classmates to find what you’ve missed. Worries about the integrity of their notes? Preview and check their rating before you buy!

Eat. Sleep. Study. Get dat money.

  • Post notes with easy: type, scan or snap a photo
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Whether you’re selling books or notes, CollegeOwlz makes it easy for you to post a note or book for sale, set your price, and get paid. Exchange the books right on campus. Upload your notes directly to the site. Cash Money Millionaire!

By students, for students.

Students post notes and books for sale

Take notes directly on the site for instant posting when class is over. Prefer writing them out? Snap a photo of your notebook and tag the image with your course and appropriate keywords so buyers can find them easily!

Search, preview, and purchase from your peers

Upload your class schedule to always stay on top of what’s available and relevant to you! Know what you’re getting before you buy with our preview service.

Earn cash for your own notes and books!

Post your notes and books for sale, set your prices, and wait for the sales to add up then cash out with Stripe!